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It has been written and talked about for thousands of years. It has moved silently through time, seldom being seen or heard from for long periods of time. What is this great power? What is this great secret? Can just the masters, sages and wise men know and harness this power? Or can every person learn the simple, quick, practical application of the powers of attention to live second by second in their daily life?

Core Living IS the owners manual on how to make changes to every aspect of your life using simple, powerful, proven ways that will bring a smile to your face. It is fast paced, lively, funny, informative, but most of all it is easy. From the second you start using the power of attention, you will be able to see a world that was invisible to most, become fully visible in seconds. Core Living unlocks many of the unanswered questions many of us have. It shows how things in our lives get put into motion, but even more important it shows us how to redirect the attention in seconds to have what we truly want in our lives.

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